Underdogs Answers your questions!

Huge thank you to everyone who submitted questions! All answers below were written by the founders Jason, Alex, Haley and Josh.

What is the update on the venue?

As many of you may know, there was a major tenant renovation requirement that was not disclosed prior to us signing the lease that would have exceeded our financial capabilities. Our landlord graciously let us out of the lease, and now we are happy to be touring new potential spaces and we are excited to move into Underdog’s forever home in the near future! We are still planning to open our doors mid-end 2023.

Will you guys ever need volunteers?

YES! Please make sure to sign up to become a volunteer here to get updated via our new volunteer newsletter when we will need all hands on deck.

Did I read correctly that you guys plan on 5+ shows per month once you’re up and running?

Absolutely! In addition to community events, our goal is to have as many shows as we possibly can.

What is the main reason for new all ages venue instead of utilizing (other venues)?

We are aiming to fulfill a need for an all ages and community space at a much smaller capacity! We are a dry venue with a hope of bringing a large range of different genres with a focus on local and smaller touring acts.

We believe every venue in Boise serves a strong purpose in the music scene, and we are excited to bring a venue that will hopefully satisfy an equally important and unique need.

How can the local community help the venue?

Monetary and gear donations are always accepted! If that is something you are unable to do, no worries at all! We will soon have volunteer opportunities available.

As always, local businesses and orgs, we want to work with you! Our inbox is open.

How will booking for bands work?

Without getting too into the weeds on the details, there will be a section on our website where you can reach out and request a date to play. While we are not booking until we are closer to opening doors, please reach out here for any additional questions!

I was lucky enough to have “The Venue” in Boise as a teen. Are you familiar with that all ages dry concert house and it’s history, and if so we’re you inspired by it at all?

Yes! The Venue was huge for the majority of our founders. (Haley lived in Eugene around that time, and dwelled at The W.O.W. Hall). We can honestly say The Venue was a huge inspiration and we are excited to incorporate some of the areas The Venue excelled and bring them back to life through Underdogs. 

Miss out on asking a question? Always feel free to reach out at underdogsboise@gmail.com

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