With Boise’s rapid population increase comes a boom in the local music scene. More and more touring artists make a stop in the City of Trees, playing one of our many bars and clubs. However, there is a dire need for a space that caters to a certain overlooked demographic: the under-21 crowd. There are so few all-ages venues in Boise that the youth can attend and partake in the wonderful music in the Treasure Valley.
That’s where we come in.

What is Underdogs?

Underdogs is a Boise, Idaho 501(c)(3) non-profit venue overseen by a full board of directors. Underdogs’ primary purpose is to provide a safe space for concerts, educational opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and other appropriate performing arts for all backgrounds, income levels, and ages.

What will Underdogs provide that other venues don’t?

  • A sober show environment that caters to both the needs of small touring bands and local showgoers alike.
  • On-hand gear and equipment that not only assist small touring bands, but also lowers the barrier of entry to those who may not have similar resources.
  • Staff training and free community resources are geared toward keeping Underdogs an all-inclusive system for all who enter.
  • Volunteer programs that give youth firsthand experience in sales, show promotion, sound engineering, etc.

How will my donation be used?

Transparency in where our donations go is essential to us. We are looking to raise $10,000 to start our journey as Underdogs. Here is a breakdown of what that money will go towards.

  • Securing a Location – For us to move into a space, we have to have the money to pay for it. Part of the $10,000 we will raise will get us in the doors of the new home for Boise All-Ages Music.
  • Renovations – Once we have secured a location, we will need to renovate and build out the room to ensure it’s safe and suitable for all of us to enjoy together. This includes necessary renovations like flooring changes, stage work, general maintenance, etc.
  • Equipment and Supplies – After renovations, we are left with a big empty room. Underdogs will need to procure sound equipment (PA system, monitors, soundboard, etc.) and any necessary supplies and furniture. We are always looking for material donations; if you would like to donate directly, please visit our Contact Us page.

How will Underdogs receive funds in the long run?

Underdogs will need an estimated ten shows per month to keep our doors open. On top of the money earned from door sales, the space will be available for rent; we will also provide monthly fundraisers, membership opportunities, and fun surprises for donors!

How will bands be paid?

Another advantage of being a nonprofit organization is that we are able to pay more money to bands on tour. When we book a show, we organize what’s known as a “door deal.” We heavily rely on a 70/30 split (70% of the door going to the touring bands) to both support touring acts and keep our doors open. All-local shows will use the same model, but split evenly between all of the acts, unless otherwise detailed.

Are there other ways I can help?

Absolutely! If you cannot donate at this time, you can support us by sharing this Gofundme on social media (be sure to tag us so we can say thank you!). If you can’t make a financial contribution but have materials you would like to donate, use the “contact us” form on our website. We also have tons of volunteer opportunities! Use the “Volunteer” section on our website to submit your application, and we’ll get back to you.
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