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“The kids will have their say.” -SSD


**The following policies apply to activities at the Underdogs’ community center and might not be applicable in other venues that host Underdogs events. If you have particular inquiries, please contact us at underdogsboise@gmail.com.**


The Boise area has a multitude of community gathering spaces with a variety of different demographics. At Underdogs Boise, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a space for events that remove the barrier of entry to the under-21 crowd. In order to maintain this space, we have implemented certain policies.

No Alcohol, No Drugs.

Underdogs staff is composed of people with diverse personal preferences on the use of alcohol and drugs. Regardless of this, in order to create a venue for all-ages events, alcohol and drugs are forbidden on our premises. Any persons found to violate this policy will be immediately removed from our facilities. Repeat offenders will be banned from Underdogs events. This in order to preserve the safety of the all-ages community we serve.

Intoxicated Individuals

While the responsible and legal use of substances outside of our venue are not of the concern of Underdogs staff, patrons who are intoxicated can often make others uncomfortable. For this reason, intoxicated individuals will not be permitted into Underdogs events.


Moshing, stage-diving, crowd-surfing, etc.

Good music incites a feeling. Great music makes you want to get up and move! Underdogs understands this, and we want to provide a space for all to do so. Where problems occur is when not everyone is on the same page. This can cause conflict, and sometimes injury. It’s important for all parties to be aware of the type of event, and the potential for people to dance, mosh, stage-dive, crowd-surf, etc. By entering our space, you agree to the following:

  • You are aware of the risks of potential injury by attending a live music event.
  • You are aware of the increased risk of injury to yourself of others by engaging in dancing, moshing, stage-diving, and crowd-surfing.
  • In the event of injury, due to the actions of yourself or another patron, you will hold Underdogs in no way responsible or liable.
  • While moshing, you will not engage in “targeting” – intentionally contacting a specific individual with intent to injure or incite a negative reaction of any sort.


Different people dance in different ways. Underdogs does not discriminate nor give preference to different demographics, atmospheres, and even dancing. If someone is dancing in a way that you do not care for or makes you uncomfortable, move away from them. Attempts to disrupt an individual from expressing their enjoyment of the music often cause conflict, create an unsafe atmosphere, and can often be interpreted as targeting. Conversely, if you have made attempts to separate yourself from an individual or type of action occurring and are still being made uncomfortable, seek an Underdogs staff member for assistance.

Heavy music shows often present aggressive dancing. The topic of crowd-killing (crowd-rolling, hate-moshing, etc.) is sometimes one of contention. Before engaging in such dancing, consider the following:

  • Is your intent to injure or create conflict?
  • Are the people you are dancing near aware of you?
  • Is the general demographic of patrons in the room one that is aware of and accepting of aggressive dance styles?

If you are unsure of the answers to these questions, do not engage in aggressive dancing or crowd-killing. Here are some additional considerations:

  • “Targeting” occurs when you dance/mosh with intent to make contact with a specific individual in order to injure or cause a negative reaction. We have a zero-tolerance policy for this.
  • Knowing your strength and stature, especially compared to others in the room before engaging in aggressive dancing is a MUST. 

Similarly, if you are at an event at Underdogs and are concerned about other patron’s dancing, here are some things to be aware of:

  • Consider your position in the room. Standing to the sides or closer to the back of the room typically takes you away from “the pit”.
  • Standing on the edge of “the pit” can sometimes put you at risk of being bumped into or collided with. Be aware of where the dancing is occurring.
  • If you feel you are being targeted, can’t find a safe spot in the venue, or have accessibility concerns, find an Underdogs staff member immediately.


Fights or altercations of any sort have no place at Underdogs events. All parties involved in such actions will be asked to leave the venue immediately. Repeated incidents can result in being banned from Underdogs events. If there is a conflict that is not able to be reasonably solved between yourself and another, contact an Underdogs staff member immediately.


Underdogs Boise was designed from conception to be an inclusive space. All genders, nationalities, races, religions, national origin, disability, ages, etc. are welcome at Underdogs events. Not only this, but any acts that discourage or threaten the presence of the aforementioned parties are 100% against our values, and we hold a zero-tolerance policy. By entering our space, or attending ANY Underdogs event, you agree to the following:

  • You join us in our responsibility to protect marginalized communities and create a welcoming and non-discriminatory space
  • You will respect the space of the venue, the staff, other patrons, and yourself.
  • You will not enter the Underdogs premises carrying alcohol or drugs.
  • You pledge to keep Underdogs events free from racism, sexism, homophobia, queerphobia, etc.
  • You agree to contact Underdogs staff if you find a patron in violation of our policies in order to preserve the safety of everyone involved.

Questions? Contact us here.

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